Eventually Consultant - Coder for hire, specialized in C# or Rust distributed, microserviced backends

Jérôme Rx

Hello, I'm Jérôme. I live in La Rochelle (France).

C# & Rust

I'm strongly skilled in C#, but i'm not a complete stranger to some other technical stacks, and aim towards Rust for the futur.

Cloud architect, lead dev, audits, tech consulting as a service

When you doubt about strong architecture decisions but you don't have the experience yourself.
When you want advices from someone who previously walked this path and learnt the hard way where were the traps.
When you struggle to hire your team and lack an other pair of eyes to evaluate candidates.
Lets consider together your options and proactively handle the troubles before you encouter them.

Full stacked skills

Well, I don't go as low as the CPU instructions (yet), and you should not give me a frontend design to produce, but in the between, i'm a pretty decent guy with s.o.l.i.d experience


Dotnet / C#, Rust, Typescript/Javascript, Php

Patterns & Practices

Agile, TDD, DDD, BDD, OOP, Actor Model, CQRS / Event Sourcing, Event driven / distributed applications, N-Tiers, tensegral architectures, Design Patterns and SOLID principles ...

Cloud & Microservices

Strong experience in Azure & Kubernetes

DevOps / CI / CD

Kubernetes, Helm, Kustomise, Terraform. Focused to achieve GitOps


SQL/Document/KeyValue databases, Message queues/bus/topics, EventStore


Load testing, Auditing, Talks, Teaching, Mentoring

Get in touch

Plenty options to reach me ... leave a message and i'll call you back.